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The fonds can be selected via different search paths:

- Alphabetical order, by individual letter or alternatively in a single sequence

- Political, institutional, and form categories. Within each category one can see the fonds both in alphabetical order and according to institutional sequence, presented in a manner similar to that of the General Guide of the Italian State Archives (Guida generale degli Archivi di Stato, vol. IV, Venezia):

Fonds of Public Institutions from the Pre-Unification Period (11th Century – 1866)

---- Republic of Venice (from the origins - 12 May, 1797)
---- Provisional Municipality or Democratic Government (12 May – 18 October, 1797)
---- First Austrian Domination (18 October, 1797 – 18 January, 1806)
---- Kingdom of Italy [Napoleonic] (19 January 1806 – 18 April 1814)
---- Second Austrian Domination (1814 – 1848)
---- Provisional Government (22 March, 1848 – 24 August, 1849)
---- Third Austrian Domination (1849 – 1866)

Fonds of Offices of State Post-Unification (1866 – 20th Century)

---- Post-Unification Fonds


---- Guilds and Colleges
---- Chamber of Commerce
---- Cadastres
---- Religious Corporations
---- Ecclesiastical Corporate Bodies
---- Charitable Corporations, Hospitals, Associations
---- Different Archives
---- Notarial Archives
---- Napoleonic Civil Status Records
---- Personal and Family Archives
---- Collections and Miscellany

*Other Fonds in this case refer to 1) Private fonds; 2) Ecclesiastical fonds; 3) Public fonds which cannot be described according to existing institutional contexts, because the context in which they were created has changed over time. For example, cadastres created in 1798 have continued into the early twentieth century, through the Austrian, Napoleonic, Austrian again, and finally the Italian Unification governments.

There is also the list for fonds and finding aids, which allows the reader to scroll sequentially, chronologically by institution, through all of the archival fonds and also through those series and sub-series which have been assigned specific finding aids. This list is automatically updated, and corresponds to the printed version available in the Study Room.
The Finding Aids are also available in alphabetical order following the denomination used for the fonds themselves. These denominations are not definitive, and may undergo modification before being established as the authoritative terms.
The original title of the inventory, which is often different from the fond's name, can nonetheless be searched as well. This title is always given in quotation marks.

The formatting of Andrea Da Mosto’s two-volume Index in PDF allows the reader to find the right page only by using an updated version of Adobe Reader software (Acrobat, from 8.0 release); with earlier versions or other software the PDF file opens without going to the specific page.

[English Translation, December 30, 2008]