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On-line Guide to the Archival Holdings (SiASVe)

The established databank has been acquired and corrected/edited over a number of years, across a diverse group of projects, criteria and financial support.

Census Project [Anagrafe] (1997 – 2000)

Project Chief: Claudia Salmini (with the initial collaboration of Maria Pia Pedani Fabris) Individual Fonds:
Religious Corporations: Alessandra Schiavon
Council of Ten: Michela Dal Borgo
Notarial Fonds: Maria Pia Pedani Fabris, then Andrea Pelizza; Franco Rossi
Cadastres: Eurigio Tonetti

Registry Compilation (1997 – 1999): Paola Benussi, Anna Bortolozzi, Erica Caporale, Monica Donaglio, Silvia Miscellaneo, Andrea Nanetti, Andrea Pelizza, Francesca Sardi, Evelina Piera Zanon
Registry Integration (2001): Francesca Sardi, Evelina Piera Zanon

SIAS Project (Giudecca) (2004)
Project Chief: Claudia Salmini
Registry Compilation: Monica Del Rio, Annamaria Pozzan, Claudia Salmini, Francesca Sardi, Evelina Piera Zanon

Information Systems Projects of the State Archives of Venice (2005 - 2008)

Project Idea and Coordination: Raffaele Santoro
Project Chief: Claudia Salmini
Integration of additional data and revision for the register’s web publication (2005- 2008): Monica Del Rio, Annamaria Pozzan
Revision (2005-2008): Claudia Salmini
Editor of the Repertory of Finding Aids (2005): Claudia Salmini, with the assistance of Monica Del Rio and Annamaria Pozzan
Editor of Inventory Reproduction (2008): Patrizia Bortolozzo
English translation (2008): Monica Chojnacka
Data importation and system development: Umberto Parrini, Gianfranco di Tota (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa)
Web Development: Umberto Parrini, Gianfranco di Tota, Mirko Delcaldo (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa).