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Archival Holdings

In the On-line Guide SiASVe, there are three interconnected types of descriptions, relative or connected to the archival holdings:

FONDS – these are all fully described in the System with at least one general description that sums up all of the essential information acquired thus far. In half the cases, the descriptions of series and sub-series are also available, for a total of nearly fifteen thousand descriptions. The fonds held in the Institute’s two branches number around 800; the real number of the holdings is much higher, if one also counts those sub-fonds contained within larger groupings. This is the case with the archives of the occupational corporations, the lay confraternities or minor ecclesiastics, and the numerous family archives, with which the total number reaches nearly 1,500 archival fonds. Eventually the system will also include the descriptions of the individual notarial archives, which will be incorporated into the archival group of Notarial Acts, which includes Notarial Records, Wills, and the Cancelleria Inferiore, Notai. With this addition, the total number of fonds will rise to several thousand.
Work has also begun on the descriptions of the files belonging to each fond.

FINDING AIDS – all of the current finding aids, around 870, are filed systematically down to the detail: number, denomination, type (inventory, list, register, index, source edition), author, date, plus a summary note with instructions on ordering a piece. This is useful when the finding aids are not easy to interpret, such as those edited between the late 18th and the early part of the 20th century.
Each of these has been linked to the pertinent fond or series. Research can proceed in two ways: via navigation among the fonds and series, or via direct accession of the inventory.
The traditional inventories have been transformed from microfilm into digital images. This gives researchers the opportunity to consult the majority of aids which are normally available in the Study Room via a link to the pertinent description.
In addition to these aids, we are also in the process of creating new inventories, developed according to international descriptive standards.
The General Guide (Guida generale degli Archivi di Stato, vol. IV, Venezia) and the two-volume General Index by Andrea Da Mosto have been systematically linked to the descriptions currently in the system, as HTML and PDF respectively, relative to each archival fond; the link is referenced by the page number.

The formatting of Andrea Da Mosto's two-volume Index in PDF allows the reader to find the right page only by using an updated version of Adobe Reader software (Acrobat, from 8.0 release); with earlier versions or other software the PDF file opens without going to the specific page.

CREATORS – There are more than 1,500 denominations and numerous descriptions pertaining to institutions and offices, both public and private, to families and individuals who in the course of their activities created, accumulated and/or maintained the archives now held in the repositories of our institute, which are described in the system. In this case as well, the current descriptions will be expanded over time.

[English Translation, December 30, 2008]